Pickup & Delivery FAQ

No. Just as advertised – Delivered to your door, same price as store! There is a $15.00 minimum per month that you need to run in order to have active service. The reason we have implemented this is so that we can provide a cost effective and efficient service to our customers. We feel that if a customer does not meet $15.00 in cleaning a month they truly do not need the convenience of home pickup and delivery. This minimum is to ensure us that we have active customers who will use our service on a regular basis. We are providing a FREE service; we ask that you use us on a regular basis so that we can ensure the best possible care and protection of your garments.

Contact Legacy within 48 hours by e-mail or phone. The number is 405.340.3907 or e-mail at pam@Legacyokc.com to arrange your particular special need. She will take care of everything over the phone. If there are any instructions that we need you to be aware of one of our customer service specialists will contact you.

Your cleaned and pressed items are returned to you on the next regularly scheduled service day in your neighborhood. If you would like your order returned or picked up on any other weekday, please contact us by phone, text or email. There may be a garment that needs special attention that takes longer to clean. These items will be notated on your tickets at time of delivery. Reasons for this can include spots that we want to re-do, beads, and fancy clothing that takes extra care and time to clean properly.

We pickup from your front porch, or other location we have specified. It’s best if you choose a weather-sheltered location. Unless otherwise directed, we will install a hook to hang the garments upon delivery.

At no charge we’ll provide 2 specialized preprinted & personalized laundry bags. If you have more cleaning than will fit in the bag, supplement them with large plastic bags. Your driver returns your laundry bag with each order. Please contact us if you would like additional bags.

No. There is no need to be home to use the service. Our driver will service your pre-designated location.

Your cleaning will be charged to your credit card on file. An itemized invoice is delivered with each order. Please keep your tickets for your reference, when your credit card is charged you will receive an email with the charged amount. At that time you can reconcile that amount with your tickets you have received. If there are any questions just call us at 405.340.3907 or e-mail at pam@Legacyokc.com. Payment may be required prior to delivery on overdue accounts.

Special delivery or pick up requests should be made by phone or email. A note in the laundry bag may not be seen in time to meet a requested special delivery day or time.
Special requests regarding specific garment issues are best handled by attaching a note to the affected garment. For your satisfaction, a manager personally reviews every special garment issue request.

Please feel free to just call us at 405.340.3907 or e-mail at pam@Legacyokc.com. While we thoroughly inspect every garment for stains, we also ask that you help us if you are aware of any spots or troubled areas in which you wish for us to pay special attention.

We use Secured gateway servers that have 128 bit encryption and authentication services for all web credit card transmissions to ensure that no one can read any information that is transmitted over the Internet to us.

This method has become the industry standard and theft incidences are virtually unheard of. If this is a concern for you, we suggest that deliveries and pick-ups be made on your back porch.

We have a limited delivery area and will notify you if we don’t. If you have received an advertisement or seen our trucks on your street, then we do already service your area.

If we do not currently have a route setup in your neighborhood talk to your friends and neighbors. If you get 5 others who are interested in our service we will start a route plus give you a referral discount on your dry cleaning for up to 3 months.

A few of our customer provide an inventory list, but the vast majority of our customers rely on us to inventory each item. Each invoice will list items received by type and color.

All we really need from you is a total piece count that you have in your laundry bag. The first thing we do is count your pieces. If the count you have recorded is different than what we find we will call you immediately.